bondi beach.

my first sewing machine

how’s everyone’s weekend been? mine went in a blink as always …

bought my first ever sewing machine on saturday – a brother ds-120 – which is a computerized 20-stitch machine. my excitement has not quite fade away yet hahahaha very excited to see what i can make with this machine. started on my first sewing project …

sneaky peek ...

sneaky peek …

not quite finished yet, still have to finish the handles. and because this is my first every sewing product (not including those i did for fun before of course) it took me 5 hours just to get this far … but considering i made this up completely on my own i think i did pretty good? (didn’t use any samples/books/reference at all)

on sunday i had a day off from my craftmaking project and went to iceberg at bondi beach to have lunch. it was an amazingly cool sunny day.

bondi beach.

bondi beach.

please note : before you say that’s very romantic, i need to tell you below the “i love u” is a small line saying “maya i am sorry”.

so there goes my weekend.


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