I first fell in love with handmade crafts a few years back and have been making (and learning to make them) ever since. I have a terrible weakness for japanese food and all things pretty – especially homewares. A little secret of mine is that I have 4 full cupboards of dinnerware (and still counting) with only 2 persons (me and my fiancé)  living in my apartment. I can very possibly go by for about 2 weeks without having to do any dishes at all, but of course that wouldn’t be very nice would it?

‘Yume’ means dream and ‘Zakka’ means home products in Japanese.

This is about a journey of exploring craft making and also about things I love. I hope you like what you find here and I hope I can bring you ideas, new/vintage products, and add a little bit of zakka to your lifestyle.

Feel free to leave a comment, enjoy, and welcome to my website!

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