The Ultimate Rainbow Punch

Yay it’s Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay finally! Time to put your feet up and enjoy a delicious drink as you’ve been working so hard during the week.

The Ultimate Rainbow Punch


This is a recipe for a healthy detox/infused virgin rainbow punch which I have reciped, styled & photographed (all by myself!) for Issue #7 of Hooray Magazine.

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Detox : Day 1

If you have been following me on my Instagram feed (@yumezakka) you would have seen my post today mentioning that I’m doing a 28 days detox challenge to prep for summer, push myself to eat healthy every day & get back into blogging. I’m very excited to share this journey with you and welcome any comments or questions :)

Day 1 Breakfast –

Blueberry Açaí Smoothie Bowl topped with fresh Strawberries, Blueberries & Blend Co. Superfood Blend + Mixed Berries SkinnyFoxDetox Iced Tea

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In Love with Mason Jars

its been a long time since i’ve last updated – 2013 has been a very crazy year and in the blink of an eye its already september -o- there’s been a lot of ups and downs (that’s what life’s all about isn’t it?) – sadly i’ve lost 2 family members within a short period of 4 months which was a big hit for me … but because of that I think our family has grown much closer than before. grieving is such a complicated process – shock, regret, sadness, anger, reason, accept, treasure, grateful … i think the most important thing is to have friends and family around you to talk to and to support each other through this hard time in life. life is very unpredictable isn’t it, it always struck you when you least expect it … so treasure all that you have, don’t ever take it for granted, and live a healthy and happy life.

i haven’t totally forgotten/ put away my handmade zakka projects, still managed to made some from time to time. lately i’ve been picking it back up more and i’m working on a diy project for mason jars. when i first found out about mason jars it was love at first sight. i loooooove preserving fruits and veg (altho i’ve only just started trying) and i looooooooooooove glassware. mason jars are so versatile – you can use it for preserving, canning, drinking, candlelight, pen holder, flower vase, anything holder, shaker, food storage, lunch “box”, decoration, etc. etc., basically anything you can think of! the jar itself is dishwasher safe although it is recommend to clean the lids by hand with soapy water. here’s a few ideas on what you can do with mason jars –



yoghurt and gran

lots of mason jars.

stay tuned for my diy mason jar project :) would love to hear from you what colors and sizes you are after. happy to ship to anywhere in australia and overseas.